IBCH Hypnosis Certification Training with Marian Spurgeon and Stephanie Conkle


The Psychosocial Origin Protocol

by Marian Spurgeon

1-Day Masterclass at Mid-America Hypnosis Conference
October 17, 2022

Start getting used to one-session wonders!

I have used this protocol for trauma release, some medical issues, stress and anxiety, grief, weight loss, smoking cessation, fears and phobias, spiritual complaints, problem drinking, and even to address sub-issues that come up within a session like the client being hesitant to engage with the hypnotic process. Some of the stuff I'm going to be teaching you in this masterclass can even be used to earn your client's buy-in over the phone.




Knowing exactly where to start even if you've never worked with your client's particular issue before

Helping your client recognize and transcend intergenerational patterns

Sensitively helping your client release blockages to their health and happiness

With a flexible outline so you always know what to do next

And trusting yourself and your client's unconscious mind to generate positive outcomes

All this, and more, is included in this jam-packed in-person masterclass at the Mid-America Hypnosis Conference Fall of 2022.

This protocol is simple on the surface, but elicits mastery of core hypnosis and NLP principles as takes you through the paces of conversational change, ego work, biofeedback, and optionally deep trance, though always in a client-centric fashion, so no two sessions will be alike.

While it is offered as a stand-alone protocol, it also lends itself to combination with other techniques, scientific, and spiritual perspectives, so if you have run out of ideas of what to do with your client, you'll always have this as an option in your pocket. Learn it, master it, and make it your own. 



This is for you if any of these apply...

You're a coach, hypnotist, or therapist, or considering becoming one

You've taken some training, but aren't yet practicing

You're a practicing hypnotist, and looking for an advanced training that won't break the bank

You're already getting good results with clients but want something to help with unusual or difficult cases

You enjoy hands-on trainings

This is not for you if you're looking for...

A magic bullet 

A tightly scripted approach

An authoritarian approach

An academic approach

A lecture -- this is going to be a very interactive training.

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About Marian Spurgeon

Marian Spurgeon is a hypnotist and trainer of hypnotists. She is the creator of the Psychosocial Origin Protocol. She certifies hypnotists with co-trainer Stephanie Conkle in an amazing online certification through the ICBCH. To learn more about that, and other trainings, please check out members.marianspurgeon.com 

It Pays to Register Early!

And the price is a no-brainer -- $200 is less than I charge for 1 session. If this training helps you feel confident to land, work with, or help even one client, it will practically pay for iteslf. This training includes lifetime access to digital materials and a recording of the material covered in the event. 








This training provides education, but as with all hypnosis, outcomes vary based on a myriad of circumstances including skill of application. Results will vary. We do not guarantee results.  REFUND POLICY: Registration for this training comes with a recording of the live event. Due to the live nature of the event, there are no refunds.