IBCH Hypnosis Certification Training with Marian Spurgeon and Stephanie Conkle

Get Certified in Hypnotism

 Learn this therapeutic modality live online from two experienced practitioners who celebrate both science and spirituality, tradition and innovation, and most importantly, lead from the heart. 



Engaging with top-notch instructors who are passionate about hypnotism

Gaining confidence to work with people hypnotically

Joining a community of people who love helping people

Utlizing almost any response to create a client-centric experience

Feeling comfortable working with or without scripts

And trusting yourself and your client's unconscious mind to generate positive outcomes

Imagine having the opportunity to experience a learning atmosphere charged with a fun comradery, where all students feel welcomed and treated as a part of the collective fraternity of hypnotists, who look forward to showing up each week to learn from instructors that truly teach from the heart with approachable authority. 

This is the vision that Marian Spurgeon and Stephanie Conkle are joining forces to bring to you with this professional certifcation training in hypnotism. 



This is for you if any of these apply...

You're a coach, therapist, medical professional, manager, or in some other helping profession

You want to add some interesting dimensions to your existing skills

You're thinking about making a career change/interested in self-employment in a very flexible and fulfilling career that can happen in person or anywhere with an internet connection

You're interested in learning about hypnotism for your own learning and growth

You're already certified in hypnotism but want to fill in some gaps in knowledge or learn from a variety of teachers

This is not for you if you're looking for...

A get rich quick scheme 

Pickup artistry

Science fiction authors who create pyramid scheme religions

Business skills -- this training will cover practice management in the most general way, but for anyone planning to make a full-time career out of hypnotism we recommend taking our additional training in business skills

Other types of hypnotism, like stage, street, or erotic. We can refer good teachers of these specialties but we do not practice or teach them

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About Marian Spurgeon

Marian Spurgeon of Quad Cities Hypnosis is an NLP-loving sound-healing hypnotic superstar who helps people release bad habits and rewrite old stories and learn to love themselves. When she is not running her full-time hypnosis business or initiating a new generation of ethical folk healers, she likes to hang out with her feline fur babies, make muffins, and tend the many friends and flowers in her creative garden. 

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About Stephanie Conkle

A leader in the industry since 2009, Stephanie Conkle is a full-time Clincial Hypnotherapist and ICBCH Instrcutor who trolls eBay and used bookstores for rare books to add to her collection. She is passionate about her work in hypnosis and enjoys delving into the more esoteric side of hypnotism when opportunities arise. She resides in the Greater Atlanta area, is married with three beautiful but zany children, and is the creator of the Profound Somnambulism Protocol.  

Relationship trumps technique, but we GIVE GOOD TECHNIQUE

We all have neuroplasticity, mutual influence, and the ability to change. Every interaction is a suggestion. Set yourself up for success by understanding that hypnosis is accessible to all and that it isn't tied to a particular method. 

Human brains are predictably unpredictable. What an outlier result or unexpected response might look like and how to confidently handle it.

In this section we'll take all those techniques we learned and put them to use for the most common requests. We'll even come up with some ways to remember them so that you don't need to be looking at a piece of paper when you're working. 

What's the deal with regression? Why is it such a controversial subject? In this section we'll catch you up on the history of regression, it's uses and limitations, how and when to do it. 


We wrote this page with complete beginners in mind, teaching you inductions, depeeners, and NLP techniques. If you want a more detailed syllabus of what we'll be covering, click here BONUS: A solid foundation and trust in yourself will empower you to stay free of proprietary systems, or at least engage with them from a place of choice. It's good to remember it's all just hypnosis.

What can and do people do with hypnotism? What can you do with it? How did the world of hynpotism become what it is today? In this section we'll provide some cultural context for hypnotism, dating back as far as Sumerian sleep temples.

Real leadership requires modeling good self-leadership. Practice what you teach! Use self-hypnosis, and share it with your clients so that your good work with them is only a helpful point their ever-unfolding growth journey.

How to approach problems to which there exists no textbook solution


Here's what you get TODAY when you register:


Instant access to the membership site so that you can start digging in right away

10 3-hr Zoom sessions for Q&A and skills integration

One year of membership to the membership site

Option to qualify for Certified Professional Hypnotist from ICBCH, with a certificate to hang on your wall

One year of membership to the ICBCH, which includes the option to opt into our health and professional liability insurance, plus tons of educational resources to support your hypnosis journey

A supportive community of people who are invested in your success

The option to take the training again the next time we offer it


We require confirmation with Marian or Stephanie to make sure our training is a good fit. You are free to register any time, but understand that your registration is subject to approval.

PLEASE NOTE: The pricing this Spring is a special intro pricing, and we plan to raise it in the Fall. 



9-month Payment Plan




Steph's easygoing, compelling, and often humorous style belies her vast knowledge of the subject matter. This was truly a masterclass in improvisational excellence; in how to know your material so well that an ostensibly simple demonstration at the front of the room became a moving and thought-provoking piece of work for an attendee. Stephanie is able to teach with exacting and precise knowledge of what specifically she is doing and I have found this to be a rare and welcome quality. Questions were fielded with compassion and patience, and many nuances of approach were shared.

I have met a LOT of hypnotists and hypnotherapists and have been actively working in the field for 27 years now. I can count the number of true magicians on one hand. Stephanie is one such person, who continues to be at the forefront of our industry and is humbly blazing a trail for the next generation. Thanks, Steph! You are unequivocally amazing.

Hamand Vaid
PTSD Hypnotherapist Melbourne, Australia

I’m so happy that Marian Spurgeon is offering a hypnosis practitioner training - this is the type of course I would have loved when I was just getting started. I know Marian is bringing her insight, creativity, and intuition to teaching the practical skills of hypnosis. I am excited to recommend this training!

Tracy Barrett Adams
Hypnotist, Cornerstone Hypnotherapy

I'll recommend Stephanie Conkle's as a teacher to anybody who wants to come and take a course from her or take it online, or any way you can get it. Do yourself a great favor and take it. She is a great person at utilization.

Pat Wenger
Clinical Hypnotherapist Calgary, Alberta

What I like best about this presentation is the applications of neuroscience and esoteric applications. This will be super helpful!

Christina Matthews

You will not be disappointed! Be open to the possibilities and Stephanie will take you to a whole different level of Hypnosis!

J J Nick Ramos
Conversational Hypnotherapist Indianapolis, IN


This training provides a path to, but does not guarantee certification. We have attendance requirements, practical experience requirements, and testing requirements for awarding certification. There is no time limit on meeting the requirements for certification after taking the training. REFUND POLICY:  You have until October 25, 2022 to cancel and receive a full refund, or until September 20 to cancel with an administration fee of $150. No refunds or cancellations for any reason after September 20.